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1 Blindfold

Wigs - Mesh wig caps for crossdressers
Produits World Wigs

Hygiene and comfort

Mesh wig caps for crossdressers

Customers' score : 3,3 on 4 (4 opinions)
Our opinion :

Convinced ... in 5 points!

  •     Set of 2 nets for wearing a wig
  •     Effectively retains natural hair
  •     Stretch net of one size
  •     Limits sweating and the proliferation of bacteria
  •     Protects sensitive scalps


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in crossdressing :

The wig for transvestites is an important accessory. It is very easily placed on the hair. I advise you to raise your hair and hold them by an elastic if you have long hair. If you have short hair, simply place the under-wig under a cap. Under a wig, we tend to sweat a lot, which can damage the wig in the long term. By using the net, you preserve your wig.


Learn more about the transvestite netting

    Use: lift up the long hair and attach them before the net is laid

    Our tip: hygiene is important and a net under wig is an ideal accessory to preserve your natural hair and your scalp

    Care: Hand wash with dipping or machine wash cold in a protective wash net

    Complementary products: short or long wig



Capacity: 1 accessory

Unique size

 Material: polyester

 Color: transparent

 Feature: Filet under wig for transvestites

Brand: Dorcel

Regis, posted on 30 October 2019 Note :

sympa comme produit, genre de chaussette comme un bas
Regis, posted on 13 October 2019 Note :

super pour l’hygiène , protège bien la perruque
Kevdunord, posted on 19 November 2018 Note :

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