Care products wigs for men transvestites
  • Lacquer for wigs

    Bottle 200 ml
    Synthetic and natural hair.

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  • Antistatic spray for wig

    Bottle 200 ml
    No more electric effect!

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  • Cross-dressing wig nets

    1 Blindfold
    Hygiene and comfort

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  • Fork comb for wig

    1 Box
    Precise styling and pro.

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  • Golden bristled brush for wig

    1 Box
    Gentle untangling.

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  • Mastix wig glue (30ml)

    Bottle 30 ml
    Better fix for more movement.

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  • Mastix wig glue (7ml)

    Bottle 7 ml
    Impeccable attire.

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  • Men's polystyrene wig holder

    1 Box
    Support with masculine features
    19,90 €

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  • Plastic holder for long wig

    1 Box
    Storage and drying.

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  • Plastic wig holder

    1 Box
    Real support for your wigs.

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  • Scalp cleanser

    Bottle 200 ml
    Scalp with no residues.

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  • Shiny Gloss Spray for Wig

    Bottle 200 ml
    Brilliance and voluptuousness

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  • Spray Conditioner for wig

    Bottle 200 ml
    A perfect cut

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  • Synthetic wig shampoo

    Bottle 200 ml
    Pamper your wig
    10,90 €

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  • Women's polystyrene wig holder

    1 Box
    Good behavior and maintenance.
    24,20 €

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Wigs for male crossdressers

You dream of having blonde or wavy hair? A short cut with a fringe? Long red hair? Look no further! We have all you need in our online store! We propose a comprehensive range of wigs for male crossdressers. Long, short, curly or with a fringe, take advantage of our selection of styles at affordable prices. You can change colour and/or style without going to the hairdresser, whenever you want! In the morning, you can go to work as a brunette and go out as a redhead in the evening! A great way to turn heads!

Change your look to suit your mood

Wigs are essential accessories to change a male crossdressers’ appearance. With them, you can feel feminine, whether for a one-off evening or every day. It also gives you the possibility of choosing the woman you want to be. For example, if you want to act as a femme fatale, long hair will be ideal. If you want to be a mysterious woman, like the famous Marilyn Monroe, a short platinum blonde wig will be perfect. For a sexy look opt for a blond or brunette bob with fringe. You see, the possibilities are endless! You can see what suits you best and what matches your personality. And if you like change, don’t hesitate to buy several wigs to give free rein to your desires!

A varied assortment of styles and colours

Our online store is specialized in the sale of products for male crossdressers. Lingerie, breast forms, false buttocks, clothes, accessories, beauty and intimacy products, you will find everything you need for crossdressing.

As wigs are very important for crossdressing, we have selected very high-quality items for you. With them, you will be able to change your look, from a short bob to long, blond or red hair. The choice of wig allows crossdressers to really change their appearance. So, if you are hesitating between several styles or need advice, our team is there to listen. You can contact us by phone or email. We will be delighted to answer your questions and help you in your purchases.