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16 Capsules

Stimulants - K-MATAB (16 caps)
Produits Eric Favre

Erection and endurance

K-MATAB (16 caps)

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  • Helps to improve sexual stamina
  • Reduces physical fatigue and stress
  • Actively promotes sexual desire
  • Allows to get a more inflated erection
  • Food supplement with saffron


Valentine tested for you K-Matab (16 capsules)

The food supplement K-matab is an explosive mixture based on saffron on a sexual relation. The capsules first act gently then stimulate the desire. The erection follows quickly, harder, more swollen. Zinc contained in K-matab will regulate your testosterone levels and so overcome fatigue and stress.


Our advice on K-Matab (16 capsules)

Take 2 capsules 30 to 45 minutes before the sexual act and can also be followed as a cure with a daily dose.


Intake for 1 capsule : Extrait de ginseng 200 mg, equivalent de la plante 600 mg - L-arginine 100 mg - Vitamine C 80 mg - Extrait d’éleuthérocoque 50 mg, equivalent plante 400 mg - Zinc 10 mg - Vitamine B3 16 mg - Extrait de maca 14,3 mg, equivalent plante 100 mg - Extrait de safran 9,35 mg, equivalent plante 28 mg - Vitamine B5 6 mg- Extrait de cannelle de Chine 5,6 mg, equivalent plante 50 mg - Extrait de rhodiola 5 mg, equivalent plante 60 mg - Extrait de gingembre 5 mg, equivalent plante 100 mg - Extrait de piment de Cayenne3 mg, equivalent plante 9 mg - Vitamine B6 1,4 mg - Vitamine B9 0,2 mg - Vitamine B12 2,5 µg - Sélénium 54 µg. ​

Doudou, posted on 10 September 2018 Note :

pas cher , efficace pour ma part
merci pour la rapidite de livraison
Cocoonpp, posted on 21 January 2018 Note :

pas mal ! mais pas assez fort a mon goût !
Bruno, posted on 7 August 2017 Note :

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