Shoes, Accessories
  • Black lace-up boots

    1 Pair of shoes
    Ideal to dress up your legs.

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  • Black patent ankle boots

    1 Pair of shoes
    Sexy in faux leather

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  • Black Suede Boots

    1 Pair of shoes
    Very stylish !

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  • Black Vanity Boots

    1 Pair of shoes
    Seductive and flattering

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  • Black varnished waders

    1 Pair of shoes
    Sexy and glamorous legs.

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  • Fishnet boots

    1 Pair of shoes
    For a glamorous look
    64,00 €

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  • Open ankle boots

    1 Pair of shoes
    For a sexy, swaying walk

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  • Openwork boots

    1 Pair of shoes
    Get high!

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  • Red varnished leather heels

    1 Pair of shoes
    Platforms and back laces.
    58,90 €

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  • Red varnished waders

    1 Pair of shoes
    Chic and sexy

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  • Vinyl boots

    1 Pair of shoes
    Dominate your world

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  • White varnished waders

    1 Pair of shoes
    For a curved and drawn leg.

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  • White waders

    1 Box
    Dominate your world.

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Shoes for male crossdressers

Shoes are now an integral part of an outfit. In the morning, many women choose their shoes to match their clothes. Sandals in the summer with shorts or a skirt, pumps with a dress or more formal outfit and boots with a pair of jeans, etc. The possibilities are varied and can change your style each day. Shoes are major accessories for male crossdressers. The problem is that it is not always easy to find feminine styles in large sizes. That is why our online store has selected several references - flat, high heeled, plain or more original - to help you find the perfect fit.

Feminine, sexy and comfortable shoes

Specialized in the sale of products for male crossdressers, our Rigazo online store has a complete range of shoes. You will find lace-up boots, thigh boots, patent, printed or classic pumps, platform mules, flat or high heel sandals. So, whatever your style of dress and needs, you will always find a pretty pair to please you. If you want to hit the heights, be sensual and elegant, choose high heeled shoes. For summer days, sandals are perfect and can be worn in many circumstances, to go to work, go shopping, or hang out with friends. And if you want to be even more sexy, don’t hesitate to opt for thigh boots!

Find your ideal pair in a few clicks

With our website, finding the right shoes has never been easier! You will find a varied selection of shoes for everyday wear and special occasions. Whether you crossdress every day or occasionally, you can easily find your dream shoes, at affordable prices. And we promise to deliver your order rapidly and discreetly. All the styles sold in our online store are accessible to male crossdressers as they are available in large sizes such as 42, 43 and 44. And if you have any questions on our products, just contact our team. We are available to answer and advise you as you shop.