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Marie ... • 11.01.2017

Amazing !

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Realistic vaginas

Realistic vaginas for male crossdressers

Panties, girdles or G-strings with false vaginas give crossdressers the final touch of feminization in their transformation. Realistic vaginas for men are available with or without pubic hair. They are made in very soft silicone. With these prosthetics you can feel what it’s like to look like a woman and wear dresses, trousers and skirts without fear of anyone noticing your male genitals. They will be hidden under this accessory which will make you feel utterly feminine. Easy to put on, they are ideal for male crossdressers. They go unnoticed under clothing and do not hinder your movements. They are also comfortable and pleasant to wear in daily life.

A varied selection of very realistic styles

Specialized in the sale of items for male crossdressers, our online store also offers several realistic vaginas at affordable prices. All are made in silicone for a natural effect. This material also adopts the body’s temperature. You can therefore wear your prosthesis discreetly and without embarrassment. Flesh-coloured, the styles on our website have a small pocket in which you can slide your penis. It will therefore stop erections. You also have a choice between items with or without public hair. If you hesitate between several references or have questions about our products, our team is there for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available to answer your questions and advise you in your purchases.

Feminize your body with a silicone prosthesis

On our website, you can order everything you need to feminize your appearance from breast forms to push-up panties, from clothing to beauty accessories. To complete this transformation, we also sell realistic vaginas. For example, you will find a lower body suit that is so soft it feels like second skin, a shorter prosthesis either with or without public hair. To wear them, it’s easy. Just pull them over your bare, shaved skin. Cleaning is easy too: a little gentle soap is enough. These innovative and high-quality products are designed for male crossdressers. Delivered quickly and discreetly, they are carefully selected by our teams.

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