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Pumps - Red chest developer
Produits Orion

Make your chest bigger

Red chest developer

Customers' score : 2,8 on 4 (4 opinions)
Our opinion :

Convinced ... in 5 points!

  •  Ideal accessory to increase the size of the breasts
  •  Easy to use at least once a day
  •  Facilitates the development of the chest
  •  Manual suction thanks to a pump
  •  Contains a large format bell for good support


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in cross dressing.

Chest developers are popular accessories for women who want to give their chest a little more volume. In a short time a day, it is possible to inflate the nipples and breasts themselves. This hand pump can be used by both male transvestites and women. We appreciate the wide plastic shell that includes the entire breast. Limit the sessions to 10 minutes a day so as not to overuse your breasts and make them too sensitive. Regular use will bring you more sensitivity and nipples faster hard. Be careful, the Easy Grow Single Breast Developer should not cause any pain. If this is the case, reposition the bell and empty the air. The suction effect is light and very pleasant.


Learn more about the chest developer

  Use: place the shell on the breast and pump once to empty. Then you can pump for a few minutes

  Our tip: you can stimulate the nipple a bit before using the breast developer

  Care: mild soap and hot water

  Complementary Products: Lubricant



  •     Capacity: 1 accessory
  •     Size: 13 cm wide
  •     Material: rigid ABS, plastic
  •     Feature: Chest developer
  •     Brand: Orion
suis un homme qui aime porté des dessous féminins et je voudrais essayer ce développeur de poitrine,je voudrais avoir l'avis de transgenres ou des travesties,merci
Bebelove, posted on 13 December 2019 Note :

Il est génial, je l'ai essayer dès que je l'ai reçu. Au début ça tiré sur la poitrine et après c'est passer. Je continu à l'utiliser le soir avant de me coucher
Adeline, posted on 28 August 2018 Note :

je trouve plus simple d'utilisation la cloche simple que la double, les résultats sont un peu visible au bout de 3 semaines je vais continué
Jane, posted on 22 July 2016 Note :

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