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Make-up - Cold-tone lipstick palette
Make-up - Cold-tone lipstick palette
Make-up - Cold-tone lipstick palette
Produits Peggy sage

Beautiful and luscious

Cold-tone lipstick palette

Customers' score : 4,0 on 4 (1 opinions)
Our opinion :

Convinced ... in 5 points!

  •     Professional quality makeup
  •     Presence of an integrated mirror
  •     Easily carried in a bag
  •     Contains a brush for a precise application
  •     Palette of soft and cold colors


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in disguise

Makeup is important to disguise. He turns a man into a woman with some accessories and a stroke of a pencil. The palette of cold-colored lipstick should be part of the travesti set. Makeup can turn a man into a woman. You can perfectly mix the colors to find yours, the one that suits you fully. Do not forget to remove all the makeup every night to preserve your skin. Also use a moisturizer to treat your face.


Learn more about the cold-tone lipstick palette:

    Use: Use the brush to apply lipstick. It is recommended to do it last, after the application of the foundation, eyeshadow, blush, and finally the lipstick.

    Our tip: you can use a lipstick pencil to draw the outline of your lips and get a precise effect. You can even use several colors harmoniously combined.

    Complementary products: blush, eye shadow, make-up, makeup remover



  •     Capacity: 5 x 1.5 g
  •     Color: cold tones
  •     Feature: makeup for transvestites
  •     Brand: Peggy Sage
parfois j 'ose mes propres teintes en mélangeant , couleurs qui se marient avec tout !
Georgia41, posted on 19 February 2017 Note :

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