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Protect your eyes

Produits Peggy sage

Bi-phase makeup remover

Make-up is an important part of cross-dressing. It is the final touch that transforms you into a woman. However, you also need to be able to go the other way around and for that, there is nothing like a good make-up remover.

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Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Allows careful removal of make-up
  • Works on waterproof make-up
  • Can be used on the eye area
  • Presence of cornflower water for softness
  • Contains decongestant properties


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

I chose the two-phase eye make-up remover for its effectiveness, but also for its softness. The eyes are fragile and need to be cared for. Use a soft cotton pad and remove your make-up every night...


Learn more about the bi-phase eye make-up remover

  • Directions for use : remove your make-up carefully every night to take care of your skin. It can be used for the eye contour area as well as the eyelids.
  • Our tip: If you wear contact lenses, you can also use a two-phase make-up remover without fear.
  • Complementary products : make-up palette


  •     Capacity: 125 ml
  •     Feature: makeup for transvestites
  •     Brand: Peggy Sage

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  1. famousrichard - :

    super pour le waterproof

    famousrichard -

  2. stephy76 - :

    il ne pique pas et enlève bien l'eye liner.

    stephy76 -