Nail polish and false nails for men transvestites
  • Fake dark red nails for transvestites

    1 Box
    Passion at your fingertips.

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  • Red false nails for crossdressers

    1 Box
    Enhance your hands

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  • 50 Universal Square Capsules

    1 Box
    Feminine nails for transvestites
    9,80 €

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  • Fake coral nails for transvestites

    1 Box
    Disco nails for a retro touch!

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  • Fake pink nails for transvestites

    1 Box
    For an electric feminine look!

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  • Fake purple nails for transvestites

    1 Box
    For an original feminine look.

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  • Fake raspberry nails for transvestites

    1 Box
    Gourmet raspberry pink colour.

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  • French false nails for transvestites

    1 Box
    Quick and easy application for all nail ...
    13,10 €

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  • Glue for false nails

    Bottle 7 ml
    Brushless application.

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  • Nail polish removal discs

    1 Box
    Impeccable nails

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  • Soft nail polish remover

    Bottle 70 ml
    Nail beauty

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  • Toe Caps

    24 Capsules
    For star nails in an instant.

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Facial make-up for crossdressers

Wearing make-up allows male crossdressing to feminize their facial contours. Make-up for crossdressers makes the features less coarse, makes the cheekbones more prominent, the eyes wider, the nose finer and the lips better defined. This artifice, which is used by women for centuries, is therefore your crossdressing ally, whether daily or more occasionally. Today in particular, the choice is wide and there are several beauty products to enhance and brighten the complexion, underline the eyes and make the lips more luscious. In our website, you can take advantage of complete product ranges sold at affordable prices. You are sure to find what you need without going over-budget!

Indispensable references for successful make-up

Our website, specializing in the sale of products for male crossdressers, we offer all the essential make-up items. You will find a corrector for a flawless complexion, concealer for the eye contour, blush, lipstick but also cleanser to remove all traces of make-up before going to bed. We also make available palettes with several colours and beauty items. They are ideal to prepare yourself before you go out as everything is grouped within the same box or case. It avoids wasting time and searching for an eyeshadow or brush. You can also order a magnifying mirror for precise make-up application and to pluck your eyebrows more easily and not forget any stray hairs! In short, everything you need to highlight and feminize your face is available in our store.

Quality products at low prices!

If you need to apply make-up to refine your facial features, you have come to the right place! In a few clicks, you can order blush, lipstick, complexion corrector, cleanser, concealer and palettes. You can apply make-up at home and chose the zones of your face that you wish to highlight. And when you shop in our store selling accessories for male crossdressers, you benefit from attractive prices on make-up brands such as Peggy Sage. Delivery is fast and free if you spend more than €90. Likewise, if you need advice, our team is there for you, so don’t hesitate to send us a message or call us.