Choice of male lubricants for the pleasure of transvestites
  • Anal Relax Gel (60 ml)

    Bottle 60 ml
    Relaxing anal gel

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  • Anal Relax Gel Male (150 ml)

    Bottle 150 ml
    Relaxing effect on the anus.
    15,50 €

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  • Fisting Formula Cream

    Lubricant with punch effect.

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  • Pjur back door anal (20 ml)

    Spray 20 ml
    Relaxes for easy anal penetration

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  • Pjur Back door anal (250 ml)

    Bottle 250 ml
    Powerful Anal Silicone Lube

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  • Anal gel lubrifiant (150 ml)

    Bottle 150 ml
    Comfort and sensuality

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  • Anal Relax Rocco Siffredi

    Tube 50 ml
    Softness and intense lubrication.

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  • AQUAglide anal lube (100 ml)

    Bottle 100 ml
    Ideal for anal penetration

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  • Boy Butter H20 Based

    Pot 454 g
    Intense lubrication

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  • Éros anal explorer spray 30 ml

    Spray 30 ml
    Relaxing effect

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  • Eros anal silicone Glide (100 ml)

    Bottle 100 ml
    Perfect comfort for anal penetration

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  • Graisse Crisco (453 g)

    Pot 454 g
    Extra lube

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  • Hot exxtreme anal lube spray (50 ml)

    Bottle 50 ml
    Special sodomy lube

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  • Intimate Calm Anal Lubricant (50ml)

    Tube 50 ml
    For anal pleasure

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  • Lube shooter (75 ml)

    Set of 3 items
    Don’t waste a drop of lube

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  • Lubrix anal lube gel 50 ml

    Tube 50 ml
    New pleasures at low prices

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  • Pjur Back Door Silicone anal Glide (100ml)

    Bottle 100 ml
    Very effective anal lube

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  • Pjur « Analyse me » anal spray (20 ml)

    Spray 20 ml
    Relaxes the anal area

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  • StarWhite Lightening Cream (50 ml)

    Tube 50 ml
    Change your complexion, reduce your ...

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  • Vibrating Mint Lip Gloss

    Tube 10 ml
    Vibrating mint flavoured kisses.

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  • Vibrating Strawberry Gum Lip Gloss

    Tube 10 ml
    Vibrating strawberry-flavoured oral ...

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Lube for the intimacy of male crossdressers

Use lube for even more comfort and sensations during sex and foreplay and to avoid any pain during penetration. Easy to apply, it is painless and spices up your lovemaking. Lube helps reduce any unpleasant sensations. For anal penetration for example, it is really very practical. When you order from our online store, you enjoy a varied selection of gels for male crossdressers at low prices, with fast and discreet delivery to the address of your choice.

Gels to enhance your pleasure

For more risqué and torrid sex and to discover new sensations, lube is the right accessory for male crossdressers. Made specially for sexual use, it is safe to use on your private parts, as long as you follow the instructions. There are even edible and scented gels! These products allow easier and painless vaginal and anal penetration, which is more pleasant for both partners as the vagina and anus are desensitized. Lube can also be used with a condom. It is possible to use it during foreplay and/or during sex to spice up and increase pleasure.

A wide choice of quality products

A fulfilling sex life helps you feel good and to achieve that, there are many solutions including lube. That is why, in our online store, we have a comprehensive range of gels for male crossdressers for more intense penetration. Powerful, scented, in spray form, with silicone, edible... there is something for all tastes! For each reference, we give you useful tips, information on their composition and strong points. After your purchases, if you want, you can also post your opinion. And if you have any further questions, just contact our team! We can be reached by phone but also by using the contact form available on our website.