Jewellery, Accessories
  • Extensible blue peacock bracelet

    1 Box
    The bird of happiness

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  • Expandable silver bracelet

    1 Box
    Fits all wrists.

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  • Extensible black belt bracelet

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    A black belt on your wrist.

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  • Extensible black snake bracelet

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    Snake made of black stones and silver.

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Jewellery and accessories for male crossdressers

Whether you are looking for lingerie, clothing, creams, breast forms or shoes for your crossdressing, you will find everything you need in our shop. We offer several products and accessories specially designed to satisfy the expectations and desires of male crossdressers. In a few clicks, you will be able to order everything you need to feminize your appearance, enhance your figure and your beauty. We also regularly update our range of products so that you have the widest choice at affordable prices. Finally, delivery is fast, discreet and, when you spend more than €90, free of charge. So, don’t wait to discover our jewellery range on our website.

The tiniest details count 

To give the final touch to an outfit, bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings are very practical. They are feminine and adorn a neckline, wrist, ears or hands. When received as a gift or bought as a self-indulgent treat, having new jewellery is always a real pleasure. And today there are styles and budgets for everyone. From fine jewellery to fantasy pieces, you are spoilt for choice. You will even find small, more original and delicate accessories that will only be revealed in total privacy. On our website, you can purchase a belly chain for male crossdressers and thus enhance your waist and hips.

A complete collection of items to be ordered online

Women have always been captivated by beautiful jewellery. It may be a cliché but it’s nevertheless true. And nowadays, male crossdressers are not left out as you can find lots of styles for your neck, hands, ears, fingers and even the most intimate parts of your body! On our website, we present a selection of on-trend jewellery to give you a feminine appearance right down to your fingertips. Necklaces with diamanté, bracelets, sparkling rings, earrings or belly chains... The choice is infinite! And if you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team can be reached by phone or email to advise you.