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StarWhite Lightening Cream (50 ml)

StarWhite lightening cream is a cream that acts directly on the dark areas of the skin (intimate parts, anus) that we wish to see closer to our natural complexion.

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Convinced in 5 points

  • Suitable for all types
  • Helps reduce the presence of dark spots on the skin
  • Applicable on the intimate parts and the anus
  • Product based on naturally derived ingredients
  • Reduces sensitivity thanks to its nourishing properties


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

The StarWhite lightening cream is a cream to be applied regularly for a long-lasting result. It can be applied all over the body, including intimate areas. This lightening cream is suitable for all skin types, from the lightest to the darkest.


Our advice on the StarWhite Lightening Cream

Thoroughly clean the area to be treated with mild soap and lukewarm water. Apply the cream morning and evening for a good 2 months, to obtain a radiant and luminous face. The face is a delicate area to treat, so remember to apply a good layer of lightening cream. Caution: do not expose yourself to the sun for a long period of time, as this could cause a burning sensation in the treated areas.

Ingredients : eau, glycérine, oleum orzyzae, alcool cétylique, stéarate élthyl hexylique, stéarate glycéridique et alcool cétéarylique et palmitate cétylique, cétéareth -20, sodium hyaluronate, acide salicylique, racine de réglisse, acide lactique, cétéareth-12, karité, aloe vera, methylchloroisothiazolinone et acide citrique

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  1. gabriella - :

    Pour mes photos de charmes amatrices c'est beaucoup plus joli je conseille

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  2. jess94 - :

    mon teint est plus joli, super contente

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