Hair removal products for men, for men
  • Bikini Gel (85ml)

    85 ml
    Soothes irritated skin

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  • Essential Inspirations Hair Removal Cream

    Tube 200 ml
    With grape seed oil

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  • Hot no-strip depilatory wax

    Clean skin for 3 to 4 weeks

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  • 50 Disposable wooden spatulas

    1 Box
    Hair removal for transvestite men

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  • Bleaching Cream for Face and Body

    Set of 3 items
    Removes hairs and down.

    44,90 € Add to cart
  • Cold wax strips (20 strips)

    1 Box
    Sensitive skins.

    11,90 € Add to cart
  • Cold waxing strips for the body

    1 Box
    Soft and silky skin

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  • Cold waxing strips for the face

    1 Box
    For a more feminine face
    9,90 €

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  • Depilatory wax cartridge

    Bottle 100 ml
    Quick hair removal for men

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  • Ergotech tweezers

    1 Box
    For perfect eyebrows

    18,80 € Add to cart
  • Hair removal cream Silk and Fresh

    Tube 100 ml
    With lotus milk and jasmine.

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  • Intimate depilatory cream

    Tube 100 ml
    For all your intimate areas.

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  • Kit d'épilation cire tiède pour travestis

    1 Box
    Épilation cire tiède pour travestis

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  • Post-waxing cream with chamomile

    Bottle 150 ml
    Subtle hydration with chamomile

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  • StarWhite Lightening Cream (50 ml)

    Tube 50 ml
    Change your complexion, reduce your ...

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  • Warm Natural inspirations wax with argan oil

    Composed of 100% ingredients of natural ...

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Hair removal

Hair removal products for male crossdressers

Hair removal is an essential step for crossdressers. It is therefore indispensable to have the right tools to wax, discolour or even shave excessively masculine hair for a better transformation. In this section you will find waxes, exfoliating gloves and bleaches. In just a few clicks, you can invest in equipment to remove hair that you feel is unsightly. Cold and hot wax strips, tweezers... you have the choice between several solutions. However, we recommend that you take into account the area from which you want to remove hair. The facial skin is more sensitive for instance and it is therefore advisable to use specific products on it to avoid irritation. And as you will observe on our website, there are also several references for male crossdressers who want smooth, soft and silky skin to wear dresses, skirts and shorts in summer as in winter.

Care adapted to your needs

Men and women’s hairiness is not the same. It’s hormonal. Men often have more hair and not necessarily on the same parts of the body as women. Fortunately for crossdressers, there are now effective solutions to remove this hair and go out barelegged. Besides the traditional tweezers, you have the choice between several hair removal products such as warm wax, cold wax strips and, obviously, shaving. However, this last technique is not necessarily the most appropriate as, often, the hair grows back even thicker. There is also specific facial and body care. And to avoid any irritation, redness or reaction of the skin, it is strongly recommended to closely follow recommendations for use. Body wax should not be used on your face. And vice versa.

A complete catalogue of items to remove hair from top to toe

On our website, you can therefore buy everything you need to remove body and facial care. We have selected several, easy to use, inexpensive products for male crossdressers which are known for their efficacy. We explain how to use each item, give you a few tips and recommend additional products such as soothing cream to relieve your skin and remove any waxy residue. When shopping, also remember to consult the comments of your customers. They can help you in your choice. And after your order, don’t hesitate to leave your opinion!