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Marie ... • 11.01.2017

Amazing !

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False buttocks

Panties and buttock lift for crossdressers

Nowadays, there are a few tricks that men can use to have a more feminine figure, especially on the chest and bottom. With the right accessories, you can give more shapeliness and curves to your body. If you dream of having rounded buttocks, we stock several products such as buttock lift panties and push-up panties. Invisible under your clothes, this lingerie gives you rounder curves at this precise place on your body and wear dresses, trousers or skirts without fear of being noticed.

Accessories with push-up effects

To avoid having flat buttocks without undergoing an operation, underwear containing silicone gel is a good solution. Made in soft material, it is pleasant to wear and does not get at all in the way. As soon as you put it on, you forget it and it cannot be seen through your clothes. Its silicone also gives it a push-up effect. When you wear uplift panties, your buttocks will be enhanced. Your tummy is also flatter as these panties have a figure-shaping effect. You can dress as you please with close-fitting garments to make the most of your butt.

Treat yourself to the figure of your dreams

It must be said that eyes are often attracted to a woman’s posterior. If you also want people to admire that part of your body, you can wear push-up panties, daily or occasionally (on an evening out with a little dress, for example). With uplift panties, you do not need surgery to have a posterior as amazing as Beyoncé’s! Just put on this silicone lingerie and hey presto! The effect is very natural, and you can wear it when you want. Furthermore, by ordering your underwear from our online store, you have a choice of different styles and sizes. So why wait? Discover our collection now!

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