Large selection of women\'s clothing for men transvestites
  • Red waistcoat imitation leather with high collar

    1 Box
    Red waistcoat imitation leather with high collar
    To be worn open or closed

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  • Backless full wetsuit

    1 Suit
    Backless full wetsuit
    Sexy and sensual lingerie

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  • Beige waistcoat with fringes

    1 Box
    Beige waistcoat with fringes
    Go wild

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  • Black g-string set

    1 Box
    Black g-string set
    Long sleeve top and thong with sexy ...

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  • Black leather corset

    1 Box
    Black leather corset
    Narrow your waist for marked hips.

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  • Black openwork skirt

    1 Box
    Black openwork skirt
    Show off your beautiful legs

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  • Black satin dress

    1 Dress
    Black satin dress
    So sexy

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  • Black transparent tulle blouse

    1 Box
    Black transparent tulle blouse
    Black transparent tulle and lace.

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  • Black waistcoat imitation leather with high collar

    1 Box
    Black waistcoat imitation leather with high collar
    Sexy in black !

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  • Blouse in coral chiffon

    1 Box
    Blouse in coral chiffon
    All in transparency

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  • Flower suit

    1 Suit
    Flower suit
    Floral jumpsuit for transvestites

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  • Lace Crop Top / Skirt Set

    1 Box
    Lace Crop Top / Skirt Set
    Short top and pencil skirt.

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  • Leather strapless dress

    1 Dress
    Leather strapless dress
    Silhouette transformed

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  • Long Purple dress with strass

    1 Dress
    Long Purple dress with strass

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  • Long Sleeves Green Dress

    1 Dress
    Long Sleeves Green Dress
    Elegance and femininity

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  • Magic scarf

    1 Item
    Magic scarf
    Multi-functional accessory

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  • Mermaid pink dress

    1 Dress
    Mermaid pink dress
    So girly

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  • Mini sexy black latex skirt

    1 Box
    Mini sexy black latex skirt
    Sweet and feline

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  • Opened black dress Obsydian

    1 Dress
    Opened black dress Obsydian
    Invasive Heat

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  • Red Dress

    Lingerie transvestite
    Red Dress
    Belle et sexy en rouge…

    16,50 € Add to cart
  • Red lacing corset

    1 Box
    Red lacing corset
    Wetlook and red lace.

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  • Red Wetlook jumpsuit

    1 Suit
    Red Wetlook jumpsuit
    Like a second skin.

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  • Red Zip Corset

    1 Box
    Red Zip Corset
    Wetlook and red zip.

    89,00 € Add to cart
  • Sexy open jumpsuit

    1 Suit
    Sexy open jumpsuit
    Sexy and desirable

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  • Sexy Steward suit

    1 Box
    Sexy Steward suit
    Fasten your seatbelts!

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  • Sexy wetlook fishnet set

    1 Box
    Sexy wetlook fishnet set
    For a sexy and provocative look.

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  • Skirt with red ribbons

    1 Box
    Skirt with red ribbons
    Wetlook and red ribbons.

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  • Strict black leather dress

    1 Dress
    Strict black leather dress
    Strict leather
    86,70 €

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  • Transparent dress for transvestites

    1 Dress
    Transparent dress for transvestites
    An ultra feminine dress
    49,50 €

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  • Transvestite Black Bolero

    1 Box
    Transvestite Black Bolero
    A wardrobe must-have

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  • Transvestite skirt / garter belt

    1 Box
    Transvestite skirt / garter belt
    Erotic at will
    45,60 €

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  • White flared skirt

    1 Box
    White flared skirt
    White dove
    15,00 €

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Our online collection of dresses and skirts

Summer and winter, night and day, dresses are an essential part of the female wardrobe. Adapting to all circumstances, they enhance shapes, reveal legs, shoulders or, on the contrary, hide them. Specialized in accessories and products for male crossdressers, our online store offers a varied selection of styles as well as skirts. Size, colour, length, style, print... There’s something for every taste and whim. Furthermore, by ordering from our website, take advantage of our low prices and rapid delivery, within just two days.

The ideal garment to enhance your femininity

Wearing a dress or skirt makes you feel really feminine. If you choose a figure-hugging outfit, your curves will be enhanced, especially your bust, waist and buttocks. Conversely, if you prefer a more ample item, these curves will be just suggested. Don’t forget that sometimes, it is not necessary to show too much. Revealing your legs or a bit of cleavage can sometimes be enough to seduce. In any case, whether you want to be sexy, elegant, glamorous or just feel comfortable, dresses and skirts for crossdressers are ideal! You then just have to finish off your outfit with a few items of jewellery, a jacket, shoes and attractive lingerie.

A wide choice of styles for crossdressers

To satisfy everyone, we make available a very complete range of clothing. Sexy, tight-fitting, decorated with lace, or chic and classic, the most eccentric transsexuals or more discreet male crossdressers will here find the dresses they are looking for. Whether black or in colour, they will emphasize the femininity of transgenders. You can also order a sheath skirt, corset, leopard-print, floral garments, longer or more ample garments or clothes with diamanté and sequins. In terms of colour, you will find, black, red, white, blue, pink, coral, etc. Several sizes and fabrics are also available. So why wait? Discover our online collection now!