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for the product Triangle D-E cup black breast forms


1 Set of fake breasts

Breast forms - Triangle D-E cup black breast forms


Generous breasts for a harmonious look

Triangle D-E cup black breast forms

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  • Black in color.
  • In the shape of a triangle.
  • Soft, comfortable chest
  • Made of silicone.
  • Available in size B / C


The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert

If you want the most realistic rendering possible, take triangle shapes. Why ? Because they offer a slight asymmetry, which presents a real chest, while a perfect symmetry brings a more "plastic" touch. In addition, they are very flexible and therefore gives a more real-life effect, even when touched through clothing. Its silicone composition makes them warm on contact with your skin to complete its natural look. Harmonious and flexible, you can wear all your favorite clothes, even the most tight-fitting! You are sexy and feminine.


Learn more about Triangle D / E fake black breasts

Do not forget that the weight of the false breasts can weigh on your back. It is therefore important to choose your size well, so that it is suitable for your body type, as well as the right bra, which will maintain the natural look that you are so eager to obtain. You can always combine it with a push up for an ultra sexy neckline. To maintain them, wash by hand with a mild soap and a brush (soft bristles preferably). You can also use a toy cleaner and a soft cloth.


Description (and composition)

- Feature: black color, silicone.

- Size: D / E

- Brand: Maxima

- Capacity: 1 pair of transvestite fake breasts

toucher souple et doux, satisfait
Adama57, posted on 30 March 2017 Note :

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