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Breast forms - Double-sided tape for necklines (30 adhésives)
Produits Bye Bra

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Double-sided tape for necklines (30 adhésives)

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  • Made from a 3M adhesive tape.
  • Extra-large and concealed.
  • 30 adhesives for necklines (23 x 82 mm).
  • For a plunging neckline that does not reveal anything.
  • The secret tip of the stars.


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in cross dressing.

Did you know that Marylin Monroe used double-sided tape to hold her necklines without risking a revealing breast ?! Kim Kardashian too ?! Your biggest stars know this trick and still use it nowadays because we did not find better to keep a plunging neckline in place, especially when they are vertiginous or a little "yawning". One part stuck on the skin, the other on the garment, the adhesive does not damage either of them. You will only judge by that to keep your outfit in place.


Learn more about duct tape

Double-sided tape is a must if you like clothes that show off your chest or those that slide along your shoulder. Easy to put on, easy to remove, it leaves no trace. Feel free to put a strip of the length of your cleavage to keep it.


Description (and composition)

- Feature: black color, silicone.

- Brand: Bye Bra

avec a cet adhésif je ne pose plus la question de savoir si ma robe reste en place !
Cindy70, posted on 30 March 2017 Note :

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