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for the product Pair of breast forms for crossdressers (D-cup)


Set of fake breasts

Breast forms - Pair of breast forms for crossdressers (D-cup)
Breast forms - Pair of breast forms for crossdressers (D-cup)
Breast forms - Pair of breast forms for crossdressers (D-cup)


Pamper your chest

Pair of breast forms for crossdressers (D-cup)

Customers' score : 4,0 on 4 (5 opinions)
Our opinion :

Convinced… in 5 points!

  •     Has a sheath for excellent support
  •     Ultra comfortable and flexible bra
  •     Large fake breasts
  •     Has pretty pink and discreet nipples
  •     Easy to wear under classic clothes


The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert

Transvestite fake breasts are available in high quality silicone. Silicone is a flexible material that recalls the natural texture without context. These fake breasts are flexible and easy to wear. The elastic fabric sheath allows you to adapt to all body types. We feel free to move without worry. Size D is balanced and corresponds well to the male stature, making it thinner and more feline. I highly recommend them!


Find out more about the pair of transvestite fake breasts (size D)

    Use: put on your pair of fake breasts whenever you want. Enjoy evenings with friends to sport a superb chest

    Our tip: keep your fake breasts in a dry place with little light. The silicone will not be damaged.

    Care: hand care with mild soap and a soft bristle brush is recommended. If you want to wash your fake breasts with a toy cleaner and a soft cloth, don't hesitate.

    Complementary products: bra suitable for transvestites, small sexy blouse or tight-fitting t-shirt, dress for transvestites

  •     Capacity: 1 pair of fake breasts
  •     Weight: 1 kg (about 500 g per breast)
  •     Size: D
  •     Material: silicone
  •     Color: natural
  •     Feature: fake breasts for transvestites
  •     Brand: Silicone Breast
Très satisfaite ....
J`utilise également cette poitrine ferme et plantureuse avec mes soutien-gorges.
Jean-pierre, posted on 14 October 2020 Note :

Très beau produit,pratique avec le soutien-gorge qui maintient vraiment bien les deux seins. Merci pour l agrafe supplémentaire pour agrandir le soutien gorge c'est sympa vous etes top
Dominique, posted on 18 February 2020 Note :

très bon produit taille suffisante et rendu super mon partenaire adore merci pour lenvoi rapide
Florian, posted on 29 September 2019 Note :

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