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Long D feminizing jumpsuit

Like a second skin, the long D combination of feminisation will allow you to obtain a real décolleté in all simplicity.

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Convinced… in 5 points !

  • D Silicone Beanie Jumpsuit for Transvestite
  • Bust designed for male morphology, full silicone breasts
  • Very comfortable long prosthesis, put talcum powder on the body before putting on for more ease.
  • Feeling like a second skin, inside silicone breasts
  • Allows you to make the profile female


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

This silicone prosthesis is a little heavy but it is flexible and goes up to the neck to fit the whole throat. This fake breast is easily put on bare, shaved skin. It is very suitable for transvestites and converts. It is very comfortable. You feel tight in this girdle, but the coldness of the silicone is reduced to body temperature. This second skin provides long-lasting comfort.


Learn more about the D feminizing jumpsuit

  • Advice for use: put on your prosthesis on bare and shaved skin.
  • Our tip: Silicone is a material that adopts body temperature quickly after putting on.
  • Put talcum powder on the body before putting on for easier donning.
  • Care: hand wash with Soft Cleanser
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  • Return of unworn, unwashed items in their original packaging.


  •     Capacity: 1
  •     Chest size: D
  •     Material: silicone
  •     Color: pulpit
  •     Feature: fake breasts for transvestite


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  1. mimi - :

    ma seconde peau tres belle combinaison et agreable a porter et bien realiste bien mettre du talc pour l enfiler c'est plus doux sur la peau je suis satisfait

    mimi -

  2. VANESSA - :

    il faut se lancer mais l'effet est impressionnant ! elle s'enfile comme un pull et je me sens tellement bien je la recommande