Test fake adhesive breasts adapted to transvestites
  • Adhesive C breast form

    1 Set of fake breasts
    Self-adhesive breast forms 1200g
    179,90 €

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  • False breasts A Self-adhesive

    1 Set of fake breasts
    Feminine and naughty

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  • Adhesive Breast form B

    1 Set of fake breasts
    Adhesive breast forms 800g

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  • Adhesive D breast form

    1 Set of fake breasts
    Ultra-realistic and adhesive fake ...

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  • B Cup Round adhesive fake breasts

    1 Set of fake breasts
    12 cm diameter

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  • C Cup Round adhesive fake breasts

    1 Set of fake breasts
    For a more sculpted silhouette.

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  • Self-adhesive B Breast form

    1 Set of fake breasts
    No more need for a bra

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  • Self-adhesive silicone breasts C

    1 Box
    An air of naturalness.

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  • Self-adhesive silicone breasts D

    1 Set of fake breasts
    Erotic and sensual

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Breast forms

Breast forms in silicone and bust forms

Silicone breast forms are the indispensable accessory for crossdressers and transgenders wanting to acquire a feminine and sexy appearance. Silicone breast forms, with their shaped nipples, are very realistic. In different shapes, these breast forms made in silicone gel will add a feminine and elegant touch to your crossdressing style.

Discreet styles for a beautiful cleavage

Specialized in the sale of items for cross-dressers and transsexuals, our online store has selected several pleasant-to-wear, very lifelike breast forms. With this accessory, you can express your femininity and flaunt a sexy cleavage. Our easy-to-use products are made in silicone. Very flexible, they are also very soft and bounce nicely when worn with a bra. Under clothes, they are of such great quality that it is impossible to imagine that they are not real. And to help you find the right pair for you, we offer a wide choice of references and sizes. To improve their uplift do not hesitate to use invisible, wash-off glue. You can find several types of glues on our website and they can also be used to fix a wig for example.

A complete range of quality products

Whether you want a large or small breast form, you are bound to find what you are looking for in our store. Our silicone breast forms are available in cup sizes B, D/C, C, D, D/E and F/G. You will also find innovative breast forms that are placed on the chest and give a very feminine figure, pads to be slipped into a bra and a pair built into lingerie. All the items available on our website are flesh-coloured, easy to wash and can be worn under a dress, blouse, pullover or t-shirt. If you are looking for clothing and lingerie perfectly adapted to crossdressers, don’t hesitate to consult our online collection. And if you have any questions about your purchases, our team is there to answer and advise you. You can contact us by phone or via our website by sending us a message. So why wait? Discover our product range now!