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Crossdresser store: wigs, fake breasts, dresses, corrective lingerie and more

Be feminine, but above all, be sexy! Rigazo.com is the online store for crossdressers and transgender. Because we know your expectations and because every detail counts to reveal your beauty, we offer a wide range of items to crossdress in beauty.

Products for beautiful crossdressers.

Rigazo.com, the online store dedicated to crossdressers, offers indispensable products for a gorgeous cleavage: Silicone or foam breast forms, with or without straps, inflatable padding, push-up bras, breast creams, etc. For feminine curves, use breast forms and a dash of mischief. With a little effort, you will achieve a ravishing cleavage to be the envy of all women. For a beautiful figure, rigazo.com also features a range of false buttocks, vagina prosthetics, butt-enhancing panties, girdles, etc. Our selection helps you conceal your masculine forms and make the most of your figure. Crossdressing also calls on beautiful wigs: short, long or shoulder length, hair net, brushes and wig… care. Successful crossdressing goes hand in hand with beautiful hair. Dresses adapted to male-to-female makeovers, but also dresses, skirts, outfits adapted to larger sizes. Sexy lingerie will make you even more feminine and desirable: slips, corsets and basques, thongs and garter belts, et. Where would crossdressers be without beautiful, shaping, elegant, comfortable and refined lingerie? There's something for the well-being and pleasure of all! Make-up of course, to be more feminine: beard shadow covers, eyebrow covers, false eyelashes and false nails for crossdressers, eyeliners and eyeshadows, etc. Your feminine beauty assets. Accessories are the final indispensable touch: rings, breast jewellery, transvestite box, bracelets, contact lenses, lubes, ankle chains, hats, belts, necklaces, scarves, eyewear, gloves, etc.

Rigazo.com has everything you need to make you feel attractive every day.

We are strongly committed to respecting your privacy. That is why all our parcels are neutral and discreet and payments are made out to SAS Labophyto.

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